NOTE: The item previously found on this site under the title 'Labour Values' has been transferred to a new stand-alone site - Where 'British Values' aims to tell it like it is, 'Labour Values hopes to give some idea of what it might be (or might have been).

What Britishness means to me
A bird's eye view by Peter Brooke

(Latest item - September 1917)

A great British entrepreneur and American cultural icon 

The English Ideology

How British Values conquered the world

Northern Ireland 
A great example of the British genius for constitution building!

Bombs away!
Article by Pat Walsh on how Britain pioneered a great new method of warfare

Iraq 2003
One of the great British military achievements of the 21st century!

Christianity and the Financial Crisis

Two great British Values - Protestantism and Free Market Capitalism. Reflections on the life and thinking of Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach, evangelical Christian who payed an important role in the Thatcherite revolution.

How we planned the Great War

Pat Walsh refutes the outrageous slander that Britain's political and military leaders were 'sleepwalkers' who merely stumbled by accident in 1914 into a war on Germany

Hitler on British Values

by Adolf Hitler

It's not just British people who admire British values! An anthology of references to 'Britain' and 'England' in Mein Kampf.

Thoughts about D-day
by Brendan Clifford

How Britain made its own small but important contribution to the great anti-fascist struggle of the Soviet Union. 

Henry Morgan

Tales of derring-do on the Spanish Main 
by Jonathan Morgan and 
Peter Brooke

On 'Vrilism' and genocidal science fiction

by Gwydion Williams

The English in Ireland and the Practice of Massacre
by John Minahane

Another side of the 'silver poets' of the sixteenth ccntury.