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Henry Williamson and Oswald Mosley

How hatred of war led one of Britain's most impressive novelists to embrace Fascism

Substance of a talk given in Belfast, June 2018. First Published in Church and State, No 134, October 2018.

'The Great War was the epitome of lovelessness in Western Civilisation. That is the theme that has long possessed me.'

                                                           Henry Williamson: The Gale of the world.

Perry Anderson's oversight
Henry Williamson and Fascism
Williamson and the war
Phillip Maddison and 'Sir Hereward Birkin'
Phillip Maddison in Nuremberg
Phillip Maddison and Napoleon
Williamson and Mosley
On 'Social Fascism'
The critique of 'democracy'
Peace with Germany
The path to power
And in the real world ...

The full essay can be downloaded in Word format here